Hi, I’m Rewan. Aspiring author, book lover, funny person.

I’m named after a Cornish saint who, as legend goes, was invulnerable to wolves. I am not invulnerable to wolves. Although I did visit a wolf sanctuary once and they gave me a friendly nip which, I’m told, is a sign of affection.

I love books. That’s why I want to write them. I’ve written a lot in the 30 years I’ve been alive (admittedly the first decade and a bit was a rather unproductive time on the literary front), but nothing’s quite found its way out into the world properly yet.

When I’m not working, playing with my kids or asking my lovely wife where she’s put my stuff now, I’m writing books or reading them, or gaming, or trying to learn new stuff. I also couldn’t live without Spotify.

Stick around if you want:

  • In-depth discussions and reviews of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and crime books (with the odd other genre thrown in)
  • Thoughts on the way we communicate and share ideas
  • Jokes

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