Hi, I’m Rewan. Aspiring author, book lover, part-time geek, unofficial comedian.

I can’t smile on demand. I promise I’m nicer than this angry-looking selfie would suggest.

I was named after a Cornish Saint who allegedly drove all the wolves from Cornwall. Luckily, they haven’t come back, so I don’t really feel any pressure to live up to the name.

I’d like to say I’ve been dreaming of being an author for as long as I can remember, but sometimes I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. What I can remember is that I’ve always loved writing and always have several novel projects on the go at once.

Frosties! That’s what I had for breakfast…

I used to dream of being a stand-up comedian, but parked that idea when I realised it would mean spending several years travelling to remote pubs only to get heckled, booed, and occasionally wounded by a half-empty bottle-turned-projectile.

I work in Marketing, which is another way of saying I did a degree at university that wasn’t medicine, science, or engineering. Creative Writing, if you were wondering.

I’m married, with two young kids, and that doesn’t leave me an awful amount of time to dedicate to my hobbies; writing (obviously), reading (fantasy, science fiction and crime mainly, although I’ll give most things a try), gaming (PC and console), Warhammer (Age of Sigmar), and learning new stuff. So I’m a part-time geek. A work-experience nerd.

All that means I can offer you an interesting combination of nicely-written, introspective and comic essays on the above.

Be warned, I grew up in a household that loved Monty Python, The Goon Show, The Goodies, Tommy Cooper, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Eddie Izzard, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Red Dwarf, Bill Bailey, and many more. In other words, sometimes the jokes on here can get weird. Fancy sticking around? Sign up for a delicious combination of all the stuff above.

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